Una rumba universal, por la diversidad sexual y los derechos de todas las personas

Difunde y comparte el mensaje “Orgullo Nacional” Os enviamos gratis la canción si la pedís en : orgullonacional@volandovengo.com

NATIONAL PRIDE MOVEMENT The song in Mp3 version will be sent free of charge to anyone who wants it. Write to orgullonacional@volandovengo.com

Volando Vengo, a Spanish audiovisual production company, convened more than 120 people male and female with diverse sexual orientations, in Madrid Spain to change, through the rhythm of a rumba song, the idea that symbolizes “National Pride”. More than 120 people have worked voluntarily as part of the artistic and technical team for this video clip. A supportive project that allocates part of its benefits to HIV prevention programs.

The participants range from the ages of 4 to 80, as well as being different races and nationalities. The clip embraces men and women who are heterosexual, homosexual, transsexual and transgender, who came together to celebrate, transform and universalize the concept of “Pride”. The song and clip will have universal and free distribution and will be translated into more than 20 languages.

The movement can be followed in Twitter, on its personal channel in Youtube, social networks like Facebook and Tuenti and other areas in internet.

The Production Company also invites people from all over the world to support them by participating in the “National Pride Movement” they have made a calling for people to record their own videos and to upload it to youtube. Anything goes; they can be homemade or professional videos, parodies or free adaptations. All to demonstrate that; We are Millions of voices. So come on and participate in the movement!!

The National Pride lyrics are about love and personal independence, reminding us that when LGTB people’s rights are as equal as Human Rights there will be no need for flags or labels… Rut Suso, the author and the brain behind the song and video clip explains; “the song simply talks about loving and existing and being proud of being yourself”

“We wish that music could change the world, we hope that this song really can be a launch pad for many people to express their beliefs, give their opinions and be able to say out loud what is going on in the world”

National Pride Movement

“JOIN THE “NATIONAL PRIDE” MOVEMENT” and pass on this link.

“It is easier to disintegrate an atom than a prejudice”




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